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What brands do you service, and what will it cost to service my suspension?
All suspension brands/models we service, along with pricing, can be found on our Service Types & Pricing Page.

You can also try our Service Price Estimator.

If your suspension brand/model does not match any model found in this calculator, we cannot service it, this includes all X-Fusion, Suntour, DNM, and MRP products.
What is your current turnaround time?
Our current turnaround time is 1-4 business days from the time we receive your suspension, although often it will be on the earlier end of this range. This estimate excludes time in transit to/from NSDynamics.
How do I book a service?
First, you will need to complete and submit our servicing booking form found below. Please ensure any issues (e.g. leaking air/oil) or requests (travel change, install upgrade) are clearly outlined in the ‘Notes’ section of the form as this is what our service technicians refer to when commencing servicing.

Once you have booked in your suspension, you will receive a confirmation email including all other relevant service/booking information, and your service/booking reference number. Your suspension can then be sent or dropped off directly to our workshop within business hours.

Please ensure you have read our Service/Bookings Conditions prior to using this service.
How do I send my suspension to you?
Once you have completed our service booking form (as explained above), you may send your suspension to us.

If you would like to utilize NSDynamics' lower postage rates, you may generate an inwards (to NSDynamics) postage label by clicking the express post icon below. This portal will request your service/booking number, which you should have in your emails.

Please note that this service is provided by AusPost, with payment made directly to them. NSDynamics cannot assist with refunds should a label no longer be needed, or troubleshooting issues related to this system.

Please ensure you have read our Service/Bookings Conditions prior to using this service.


Can I drop my suspension off directly to your workshop?
You’re welcome to drop off your suspension with us anytime during our normal business hours as listed on Google. We can accept complete bikes, although removal/install of your suspension will incur an additional fee, so for the fastest turnaround and cheapest cost, all suspension items/dropper posts should be removed from your bike prior to drop-off.

Walk-in jobs do not require an online booking form, however, we do encourage you to fill out an online form to ensure all details are covered.