Cane Creek DB Air CS

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The Cane Creek Double Barrel Air CS (Climb Switch) brings proven revolutionary suspension technology to mountain bikes in a lightweight ultra-tunable package. Twin-tube damping allows unparalleled small bump sensitivity and adjustability, letting you tune your shock your way, for your bike.


  • Twin-tube damping
  • Precision engineered parts for reliability
  • Auto-adjust negative air spring
  • Four way independent adjustability
  • Tuneable air volume
  • Climb Switch for greater climbing efficiency on the fly


  • Air Spring Rate/Pressure
  • External High Speed Compression Adjust
  • External Low Speed Compression Adjust
  • External High Speed Rebound Adjust
  • External Low Speed Rebound Adjust
  • Climb Switch

* If you are unsure about shock size, hardware size, or function of adjustments please see out Tech Support page 'here'.

* DB Air CS shocks have now been discontinued and superseded by the DB Air Kitsuma shock - service parts and spares are still readily available but new stock cannot be ordered

* While we can assist with shock sizing, NSDynamics does not have detailed specifications from all frame manufacturers and is not responsible for final choice of shock size/stroke, and cannot guarantee returns/refunds on any used or accidentally purchased items