Cane Creek DB Kitsuma Air

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Cane Creek’s newest addition to their air shock range, the DB Kitsuma Air brings everything learned from the original DB Air and DB Air CS, into a more refined package with some additional benefits. If you’re chasing the best outright performance Cane Creek have to offer from their air shock lineup, the Kitsuma is the way to go!

The new Kitsuma Air features all the same adjustments as its predecessors, however, they’ve been fine tuned to create a better user experience. The Kitsuma offers a wider range of damping adjustment on both the rebound and compression circuits, but it allows this within a smaller range of physical adjustment (clicks/rotations) and has been optimised to suit more modern frame designs. The entire range of the Kitsuma’s low speed compression and rebound circuits can now be adjusted within a single rotation, and the high speed circuits within 2 full rotations, all tool free. This simplifies your fine tuning and means no more getting lost in your massive range of settings!

The new Kitsuma shocks also feature an improved Climb Switch. Rather than your typical On/Off function, they now sport a 3 position lever giving you the options of Open, Firm and Climb settings. Each new mode is distinctive and allows you to quickly alter your suspension to provide maximum efficiency for the type of trail you’re riding. 


  • Twin Tube damping for unparalleled small bump sensitivity and adjustability
  • Greater climbing efficiency on-the-fly
  • Precision machined parts for maximum performance and reliability
  • Four-way tool free independent adjustability within a small range of motion


  • Air Spring Rate/Pressure
  • External High Speed Compression Adjust
  • External Low Speed Compression Adjust
  • External High Speed Rebound Adjust
  • External Low Speed Rebound Adjust
  • 3 Position (Open/Firm/Climb) Modes Climb Switch

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