Service Types


In this service we perform a complete strip down and rebuild as per manufacturers specifications to bring the product back to the standard in which it left the factory.


Forks will first get a wet wash before being disassembled, then get a thorough lower leg clean with new wiper seals installed and appropriately greased and the correct amount of fresh lowers lubrication used. The coil or air spring is cleaned, inspected and any required seals greased and replaced.


The damper will get a full strip down, inspection of all smaller components and rebuilt to spec. A full air free bleed is then done with the appropriate damper fluid and all functions tested. Your spring rate will then be set to the riders weight and and a recommended damper setting applied if required. Lastly the fork will get an external degrease, final test and your new green NSDynamics sticker applied in a subtle place on the rear of your lower leg. 


Rear shocks will get a wet wash prior to disassembly then completely stripped down to the bare bones. We clean and inspect the air can component and replace all seals with the appropriate grease. Next all damper components will be inspected for wear or damage and shims replaced where necessary.
The damper will then receive an air free bleed on either an Andreani SP4 or SP5 vacuum bleed machine and internal floating piston height set to factory spec. Nitrogen is used to pressured the ifs chamber then all damper functions tested.
Air can is then installed, air chambers equalised in our custom made hand dyno and air pressure set to riders weight. Damper settings also applied if required. A final leak test then function test in the hand dyno is done before new bushes installed.


A small green NSDynamics sticker is then applied so all your friends know you’ve had the treatment. 


NSDynamics will service forks and rear shock absorbers from Fox, RockShox, DVO, Ohlins, Cane Creek, Bos, Marzocchi, Manitou, Push, Elka, Mrp, Formula, X-fusion and more. Brain, DRCV, Re-Aktiv and DYAD propriety shocks from Fox are no problem too.


If you don’t see your brand please email before sending. 


The Hyperformance service is an NSDynamics exclusive that allows riders to get the maximum potential out of their suspension product without altering the damping characteristics. This upgrade is an addition to the factory service that will provide a more supple and responsive feel, allowing for an increase in small bump sensitivity. 


This is done in forks by using aftermarket premium quality low friction seals, premium quality lubrication and damper specific fluids. Sizing the fork bushes and improving bushing alignment allowing the stanchions to slide free of any static friction (stiction). Nitrogen is also used in the air chambers. 


In the rear shock absorbers we use low friction air and damper seals, premium damper fluids, nitrogen in the spring and ifp chambers and low friction DU bushes where applicable. 


A silver NSD Hyper sticker is then applied to let your fellow riders know you’ve got the edge. 


The Hyperformance add on is an additional $45 addition to your factory service on forks and $25 on rear shock absorbers. 


The Hyperformance service is available for all Fox and RockShox forks as well as Fox Float shocks, Fox DHX shocks, RockShox Monarch, Deluxe, Vivid and Super Deluxe coil. 



We are Australia’s MTB suspension performance / tuning specialists! Servicing an unmatched range of brands with exclusive access to after market brands as well as our own upgrades we have you covered. To see what we can do for your fork / shock CLICK HERE or contact us today.



NSDynamics is the Factory backed Australian distributor for the following brands Ohlins, DVO & Cane Creek (Suspension only) and therefore takes care of any warranty repairs in-house in the same efficient turnaround you’d expect from NSDynamics.


With a vast range of spares and access to the required information and updates we will have you back on the trails ASAP should a problem arise with one of your suspension products. *(Cane Creek suspension only)


If you are dropping your suspension on to us please ensure it is removed from the bike. NSDynamics does not deal with complete bikes sorry. 

FREE return express freight with any full service, Fork, Shock or Seatpost!