Servicing/Bookings Conditions

Servicing and Bookings Terms and Conditions

  • All service jobs/items sent to NSDynamics must be booked in via our 'Book Service' link with all relevant details included. If you do not have a printer available to print our RA/Booking Number please leave a handwritten note referencing your RA/Booking Number along with your name and contact details. NSDynamics is not responsible for items received that have not been booked in or arrive without any booking information or contact information.
  • All 'Warranty Assessment' jobs/items sent to NSDynamics must be booked in via the NSDynamics website providing all relevant information and must include a physical copy of the original purchase receipt. Any service jobs/items received for warranty assessment without a physical copy of the original purchase receipt will be put aside until appropriate documentation is received, or will processed as a standard paid service/repair. A copy of the purchase receipt is required for ALL warranty assessment claims - there is no exception to this.
  • NSDynamics does not work with third parties for any service jobs. All communications for service jobs at NSDynamics will be with the individual or shop/dealer that has supplied the job - NSDynamics will not communicate with shops/dealers and their own customers about the same service job simultaneously.
  • Free express return (from NSD to you) freight is included with all full 'Factory' and 'Hyperformance' service types. 
    • Free return freight is not applicable to basic service/repair jobs
  • Any service jobs/items sent to NSDynamics are not the responsibility of NSDynamics until they have been received and accepted in our workshop. You can gauge the arrival time of your parcel with NSDynamics using the tracking details provided by your freight provider.
    • NSDynamics will not contact you when your service job/item is received by us unless we suspect it has been damaged during transit to us or parts/pieces are missing. We will only contact you if additional repair parts are required or when service work has been completed.
      • We recommend that all service jobs/items are sent via tracked and insured postage so you can gauge your parcels arrival time. We kindly ask that you refrain from contacting us for an update on progress unless your suspension/item has been with us for longer than our standard 1-3 business day turnaround time according to your tracking details. Any requests for progress on service jobs that have been with NSDynamics for less than 72hrs will not be responded to. If your tracking shows your item has arrived with us more than 3 business and we haven't already contacted you then you're welcome to contact us for an update.
      • We recommend that all service jobs/items be sent with adequate insurance/damage cover. NSDynamics is not responsible for any damage incurred to service jobs/items during transit to us.
      • Any items with loose parts/bolts (axles, mounting hardware/spacers) should have these parts removed prior to being sent to NSDynamics. NSDynamics does not accept any responsibility for loose parts included with service jobs/items which may be lost in transit or misplaced unknowingly by the owner.
    • Completed service jobs/sales items will only be dispatched when paid for in full.
    • All service jobs/sales items will be dispatched via express freight, either via AusPost or Couriers Please depending on the delivery location. 
      • All items sent by NSDynamics are covered under our own insurance in the unlikely event that an item is damaged/lost in transit.
        • Any items suspected to be damaged/lost during transit should be reported immediately to NSDynamics. If an item appears to be damaged clear photo evidence must be supplied.
        • NSDynamics is not responsible for transit times to or from our workshop. All parcels sent from NSDynamics are sent via express freight in an effort to get you back on your bike quickly but transit times may vary depending on your location and other external factors. We cannot do anything to expedite this process. If you suspect your parcel has been lost in transit and it has been delayed more than 5 business days past its estimated delivery date please contact us.
      • Any service jobs/items received by NSDynamics that are assessed and found to be non-serviceable or in a condition that is beyond repair may be returned at the customers expense or disposed of by NSDynamics. NSDynamics may decline the service of any model of suspension if adequate service parts/spares are not available or the item/model is known to be problematic.
      • NSDynamics offers an 'NSDynamics 3 Month (90 day) Workmanship Warranty' which covers faults originating from standard service related parts or procedures. If you experience any issues with your suspension related to work we have completed within 3 months (90 days) of it being with us we will reassess and repair it.
        • This warranty is only applicable to issues that can be attributed to standard service parts or procedures (e.g. o-rings, seals, service kits, oils, greases used within a standard service).
          • Example - If a damper shaft snaps within 3 months (90 days) of us servicing an item, this would not be covered by NSDynamics 3 Month Workmanship Warranty as the failed component is unrelated to parts replaced during a standard service.
        • This warranty is not applicable to suspension with a history of recurrent unresolved/undiagnosed issues. Issues of this nature are often a result of defective hard parts (unrelated to standard service components) or unfavourable frame/suspension/rider setup.
        • This warranty is not applicable to already damaged/worn components.
        • This warranty is not applicable to hard parts/components unless issues with said components can be attributed to standard servicing procedures and parts (e.g. damage to hard parts as a result of defective seals).
        • This warranty is applicable to most suspension models, however, some older, discontinued, or historically problematic/unreliable suspension models may not be eligible for this warranty. If this is the case appropriate service notes/details will be provided explaining why. 
        • This warranty is not applicable to any replacement parts if they are secondhand/reconditioned.
        • This warranty does not cover items worn/damaged through normal usage, or any items that have failed or been damaged due to misuse or improper care. 
        • A minimum inspection fee of $35 applies for any service jobs/items received by NSDynamics which are disassembled/assessed even if they are found to be 'non-serviceable'. This does not include reassembly of the item and in some cases (depending on condition of the item) reassembly may not be possible.
          • A minimum labour fee of $60 applies for any service jobs/items received by NSDynamics which are disassembled/assessed and reassembled at the customers request regardless of condition.
          •  All service pricing provided through the NSDynamics website and contact before/during servicing is an estimation. The majority of service jobs will adhere to this pricing, however, final service costs may occasionally vary depending on other factors.
        • The NSDynamics 'Book Service' form is not a channel for enquiries/service questions. Service bookings should only be submitted when service details have been finalised.

        NSDynamics Return (Inwards) Postage Labels

        NSDynamics offers return (inwards) AusPost express postage labels for all incoming service/repair jobs - labels can be generated via our 'Returns Portal' and are paid for via card online prior to sending a parcel. This payment is not received by NSDynamics and is instead made directly to AusPost. This service is hosted by AusPost meaning NSDynamics cannot assist in refunding any fees should a label no longer be needed. 

        This service allows us to extend our AusPost postage rates directly to the customer, resulting in a heavily discounted express postage fee - usually about $16.10 from anywhere in Australia. *This fee may vary and is calculated for each individual customer. 

        Using this portal will provide the customer with a postage label that they can print at home, or a barcode which can be scanned when the parcel is dropped off at an eligible AusPost location. Customers will be provided with tracking information so they can gauge the location of their parcel on its way to NSDynamics.

        This service covers only postage to NSDynamics and is paid for by the customer. Postage back to the customer is free with any full service type (e.g. Factory and Hyperformance Services), however, is not free with basic service types or repairs (e.g. Air Can Service, Lowers Service, or Repairs).

        All items sent via this method will be insured for a minimum of $100 value, although if you would like to insure your parcel for a higher value you can speak to a representative at your nearest AusPost location.

        As NSDynamics is not the Sender, and is not paying for this service directly, NSDynamics is not responsible for tracking or compensation of any parcels sent via our returns portal, and cannot assist with claims in the unlikely event a parcel is lost/damaged in transit. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to keep a copy of their lodgement receipt which will be required should they need to submit a claim/ticket with AusPost if their parcel is suspected to be lost/damaged.

        If a parcel is suspected to be damaged during transit upon arrival at NSDynamics we will contact the customer immediately to inform them and they can then submit a claim with AusPost.

        More information can be found on AusPost's Return Portals Conditions page, and information on NSDynamics Servicing T&C's can be found on this page, and general T&C's 'here'.