Terms & Conditions


For a standard Factory Service on a fork the cost will usually be $205, for a coil shock $200, and for an air shock $220. For a Hyperformance Service (if applicable) on a fork the cost will usually be $250, for a coil shock $225, and for an air shock $245. This pricing is subject to change without notice and all pricing is only supplied as an estimation until a service job has been completed. Pricing varies between different models of suspension.

We currently accept payments both in store, over the phone via Mastercard or Visa, or online via credit card. You may also pay via direct deposit/bank transfer. 

Service/sales jobs will not be dispatched until payment has been processed in full. For Direct Deposit/Bank Transfer’s we require you to send remittance/proof of payment to info@nsdynamics.com.au if you would like goods to be dispatched immediately. Instructions for this are included on all of our invoices.

NSDynamics may price match on products at their own discretion, however, price matches are not guaranteed and are only applicable to products which are in stock/available from the other supplier. NSDynamics may provide discounts on products at their own discretion but will not respond to requests for discounts with no premise.

All pricing quoted and listed is in Australian Dollars (AUD) and includes GST unless stated otherwise. Pricing and availability of stock may change without notice.

Deliveries and Shipping

NSDynamics use Australia Post eParcel/Parcel Send for all interstate parcels, and Couriers Please for local deliveries to business addresses. All items/service jobs that are dispatched from NSDynamics are sent via express freight once payment has been received in full with an expected delivery time of 1-3 business days Australia-wide. We do not ship to third party addresses. The intended return/delivery address for all service jobs and sales items must be specified on our booking form or when a sale is being organised.

Sales orders and service jobs will be dispatched as soon as payment is received in full. Same-day dispatch is only available for service jobs/items where payment has been processed in full before 1:00pm AEST. Payments processed for any service jobs/items after 1:00pm AEST will be dispatched on the next business day. Any items that are require reconfiguration prior to dispatch may incur a 1-2 day delay.

NSDynamics is not responsible for transit times to or from our workshop. Delivery times may vary depending on your location and other external factors out of our control. We cannot do anything to expedite this process. If you suspect your parcel has been lost in transit and it has been delayed more than 5 business days past its estimated delivery date please contact us.

Free express return freight is included with all full 'Factory' and 'Hyperformance' service types. Free return freight is not applicable to basic service/repair job.

Any service jobs/items sent to NSDynamics are not the responsibility of NSDynamics until they have been received and accepted in our workshop. You can gauge the arrival time of your parcel with NSDynamics using the tracking details provided by your freight provider. NSDynamics will not contact you when your service job/item is received by us unless we suspect it has been damaged during transit to us or parts/pieces are missing. We recommend that all service jobs/items are sent via tracked postage so you can gauge your parcels arrival time. We kindly ask that you refrain from contacting us for an update on progress unless your suspension/item has been with us for longer than our standard 1-3 business day turnaround time according to your tracking details. Any requests for progress on service jobs that have been with NSDynamics for less than 72hrs will not be responded to. If your tracking shows your item has arrived with us more than 3 business and we haven't already contacted you then you're welcome to contact us for an update. We recommend that all service jobs/items be sent with adequate insurance/damage cover. NSDynamics is not responsible for any damage incurred to service jobs/items during transit to us.

Completed service jobs/sales items will only be dispatched when paid for in full.

All items sent by NSDynamics are covered under our own insurance and in the unlikely event that an item is damaged/lost in transit can be replaced with an item/model of the make and value. Any items suspected to be damaged/lost during transit from NSDynamics should be reported immediately to NSDynamics. If an item appears to be damaged clear photo evidence must be supplied.

Any service jobs/sales items returned to NSDynamics for any reason are not the responsibility of NSDynamics until they have been received and accepted in our workshop. Adequate insurance/damage cover is the responsibility of the customer.

Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges

*Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges are different for spare/service parts - please see below

NSDynamics may provide a shop credit or accept exchanges and returns for a full refund (not including 'changes of mind' after purchase) within 7 days of the customer receiving a purchased item assuming the following. Goods returned must be in their original condition and packaging, and suitable for resale. NSDynamics is not responsible for any item returned via postage until the item has arrived and been accepted by NSDynamics. If a returned item is damaged during transit back to NSDynamics we cannot provide a refund, credit, or replacement item in exchange for it. All goods returned via postage should be insured appropriately in the unlikely event a parcel is lost or damaged in transit. Any items returned beyond 7 days from being received by the customer will not be eligible for a refund, but NSDynamics may/may not provide a shop credit - returns of this nature will be assessed case by case, however, will always incur a handling fee, and any credit supplied will not be for the total original value of the item purchased. With the exception of Warranty, any items purchased more than 30 days ago will not be eligible for refund/return/exchange under any circumstances. If an item received from NSDynamics is believed to be incorrect, is missing parts, or is damaged, NSDynamics must be notified within 24hrs of the customer receiving the item and where applicable the product should not be removed from its original packaging. Any item mistreated, installed incorrectly, or damaged in any way will not be accepted for return or a refund, this includes items sent incorrectly. NSDynamics is not responsible for any item purchased for self-installation and cannot guarantee a refund, credit, or exchange, as we cannot verify correct installation outside of our workshop. Items incorrectly sent by NSDynamics or damaged during transit to the customer will not be accepted for return or a refund, credit, or exchange if the customer has attempted to use the item regardless of its specification, condition, or has damaged it themselves. Any attempted use or installation of an incorrect item or item damaged in transit will be considered an acceptance of its suitability for the purpose it was purchased for, and no refund/credit or exchange will be provided in hindsight. Upon acceptance of a credit/refund or exchange, NSDynamics may ask for relevant information to process the request – this may include the customers full name, phone number/email, delivery address, bank/credit card details. NSDynamics is not responsible for any delays regarding shop credits, refunds, or exchanges if the necessary information is not provided by the customer to process the request. Any item received from NSDynamics that was not ordered or has been dispatched in error is owned by NSDynamics and should not be opened/removed from its packaging or used for any application. Order cancellations must be made as soon as possible. If a product has already been dispatched NSDynamics cannot reimburse for shipping and handling costs, and the product must be returned to NSDynamics as soon as it is received by the customer. NSDynamics is not responsible for 'changes of mind' and cannot provide a refund, credit, or return for items of this nature. NSDynamics is not responsible for refunds, credits, or exchanges for items bought from NSDynamics by other wholesalers/dealers which have since been sold the item to their own customer.

*Any spare/service parts purchased for self-installation will not be eligible for refund, replacement, exchange, credit, or return unless the product itself is found to be faulty, this includes incorrectly purchased parts. NSDynamics is not responsible for final choice of any spare/service parts purchased for self-installation - If you are unable to determine what parts you require, we don't recommend you work on your own suspension. 


All new items sold by NSDynamics come with their full manufacturers warranty. If the warranty period on a new item is reduced or void for any reason NSDynamics will notify the customer before purchase. Items sold as 'reconditioned' do not come with their full manufacturers warranty but NSDynamics may provide their own shorter warranty period - available warranty for items of this nature will be assessed case by case. Any items eligible for warranty will be repaired by the manufacture or appropriate warranty centre. NSDynamics is not responsible for any items used in conjunction with items sold by NSDynamics, e.g. if another component on your bike is damaged due to an issue or failure of an item purchased from NSDynamics, we are not liable for this damage and can only honour the warranty repair (if applicable) on the individual item purchased from NSDynamics. Items sent to NSDynamics for 'Warranty Assessment' may not necessarily qualify for warranty repair, for brands that we conduct warranty repairs for this is left to the discretion of NSDynamics. Items sent to NSDynamics for 'Warranty Assessment' must be booked in appropriately with all relevant information provided in accordance to our 'Service/Bookings Condtions' and 'FAQ's' pages. Warranty on any items which have been misused, tampered with, or incorrectly maintained will be void. NSDynamics is not responsible for any the return of any warranty items until the item has been delivered and accepted by NSDynamics. Items returned to NSDynamics for warranty assessment must be packed and insured/covered for damage appropriately, this is the responsibility of the customer and NSDynamics is not liable for any items damaged in transit to NSDynamics.

NSDynamics can process warranty claims for Ohlin’s, Cane Creek, DVO and BikeYoke (dropper posts only) products. All other brands of suspension must go back to their relevant warranty centres in Australia. NSDynamics is not the manufacturer for any of these brands and all service/warranty work completed in our workshop is done so following the policies and procedures as laid out by the original manufacturer.

NSDynamics cannot provide refunds, credits, or exchanges for items assessed under warranty unless the item was bought directly from NS Dynamics. If you are unhappy with your product and would like to pursue a refund, credit, or exchange you will need follow the original line of sale and return to the vendor you purchased the product from.

Zero Tolerance Policy

NSDynamics is here to help with any of your suspension servicing, warranty (where applicable), or sales needs. Our capacity to do this may vary based on a number of factors - e.g. availability of product from manufacturers, workshop workload, and warranty procedures as laid out by the respective manufacturer, but we will always strive to accomodate our customers as best we can. 

On the contrary, NSDynamics will not tolerate antagonistic, demanding, disrespectful or any kind of abusive behaviour towards its staff. Customers exhibiting any such behaviour will be blacklisted at our discretion without warning, will no longer have access to our services, and will be unable to purchase products from us.