Q. Do you have a phone number I can call?

A. We do not offer phone support for sales and general enquiries and instead offer prompt and accurate email support.

Our primary objective at NSDynamics is to provide a fast and reliable suspension servicing. Phone calls can be very time consuming and distracting for our technicians who are often working with complicated products. By limiting phone calls to existing service jobs only we can continue to provide a fast 1-3 business day turnaround time on standard service work, and get any sales orders on their way to you as soon as possible.

Offering email support allows us to prioritise and properly assess all enquiries. Each member of the NS Dynamics team has a different skillset and knowledge base, and providing email support allows us to utilise this and get back to you the correct information. Having an email history for sales and enquiries is also helpful when working through finer details and specific orders. 

Any calls made to NS Dynamics without, or not concerning an existing service booking will be referred on to our email.

Q. What is your current turnaround time on service jobs?

A. Once a standard service job is received we will only need it for 1-4 days to complete work. If we come across any damage or anything unexpected upon arrival or upon disassembling your suspension we will always contact you to provide options before going ahead with any additional work. When service work has been completed we will contact you to process payment. Initial contact will be via phone call but failing this we will send an invoice through to the email address provided on your booking form. We will not contact you upon receiving jobs unless the parcel has sustained damage during transit or we encounter issues upon disassembling/inspecting the item.

We recommend sending all items via tracked postage so you can monitor the location of your parcel and gauge its arrival date/time with us.

In order to maintain our fast turnaround times and efficiency we kindly ask that you refrain from contacting us for updates on service work unless parcel tracking shows the job arrived beyond our 1-4 day turnaround time and you haven’t heard from us.  

1-3 day turnaround time is based on standard service jobs and is subject to change without notice during exceptionally busy periods. If we encounter anything unusual which may cause delays upon disassembly/inspection of jobs we will contact you to inform you and provide options. 

* NSDynamics is not responsible for and does not have control over freight transit times, however, we do send all jobs back via express freight and you can get an estimation on transit times to/from us by following this link - https://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/calculate-postage-delivery-times/#/

Q. Can you help me with setting up my suspension?

A. While we can provide recommendations on suspension setup, we can't supply any 'magic' settings that will work perfectly for you. What works for one rider won't necessarily (and probably won't) work perfectly for another. At the end of the day a good setup will rely on fine tuning which only you (the rider) can provide. For this reason we believe its important all riders learn about their suspension, and we strongly recommend checking the relevant manufacturers setup guides as any settings we recommend will be largely based on this.

Q. I've bought suspension with your sticker on it, can you tell me more about it?

A. We accept no responsibility for and cannot provide service history for any items purchased secondhand that may have been serviced with us previously. As much as we'd like to help we can't be certain of the condition of any product purchased secondhand, or how it has been maintained since servicing.

Q. What brands of suspension do you service and whats pricing like?

A. We are Australia’s certified warranty/service centre for Ohlin’s, Cane Creek, DVO and BikeYoke products. We also service Fox, Rockshox, BOS, Manitou, PUSH and Marzocchi suspension, however, we cannot process warranty claims for these brands. Availability of major hard parts (dampers, air shafts etc.) on BOS, Manitou, PUSH, and Marzocchi products are limited but all standard service parts/seals are available for most models from these brands.  If your suspension brand isn’t listed above it’s unlikely we’ll be able to assist with parts/servicing but you’re welcome to enquire via email at info@nsdynamics.com.au

For a standard Factory Service on a fork the cost will usually be $195, for a coil shock $190, and for an air shock $210. For a Hyperformance Service (if applicable) on a fork the cost will usually be $240, for a coil shock $215, and for an air shock $235. For more details on our service types and costs please visit our 'Service Types' page.

The above figures outline our typical service costs but these figures may vary depending on the exact model of your suspension.

We do not service all models from Ohlin’s, Cane Creek, DVO, Fox, Rockshox, BOS, Manitou, PUSH and Marzocchi as service parts/tooling are not available for some older models, and some simply are not serviceable products. If you have an older model of suspension (pre-2010) and are unsure please contact us at info@nsdynamics.com.au before booking in.

Q. What brands/products do you sell?

A. We stock and sell products from Ohlin’s, Cane Creek, DVO, Vorsprung, Sprindex, SA Racing Springs, Racing Brothers, and MarshGuard.

We also sell Fox, Rockshox, and Marzocchi products, however, most non-service related items from these brands are special order items for us and (pending availability from the Australian distributors) can normally be procured within 2-3 days.

Current pricing and availability on complete suspension can be found 'here.'

Q. How do I send my suspension to you?

A. Our recommended freight provider is Australia Post. Once you have booked in your jobs with us via our Book Service link you will receive an RA/Booking Number via email which you can print out and send in with your suspension. If you do not have access to a printer please clearly note the RA/Booking Number on the parcel/packaging itself.

We recommend sending rear shocks via prepaid AusPost Express bags, and for forks you may be able to source a box from your local bike shop, or a makeshift cardboard box will do but please ensure any suspension items are adequately protected as we do not accept any responsibility for items damaged during transit to us.
You can get an idea on freight costs and transit times here - https://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/calculate-postage-delivery-times/#/

We recommend that all items are sent via tracked freight so you can monitor its location, and can gauge its arrival date/time and overall progress. Once we have received your suspension we will need it for 1-3 business days to complete service work (standard services) and will then contact you to process payment and organise return freight/collection. Return freight is free with any full service.

In order to maintain our fast turnaround times and efficiency we kindly ask that you refrain from contacting us for an update on service work unless parcel tracking shows the job arrived beyond our 1-3 day turnaround time and you haven’t heard from us.

* Any jobs received in a parcel that have not been booked in properly via the Book Service link on our website will be put aside until appropriate information is provided. NSDynamics is not responsible for any delays caused as a result of inadequate/missing information and will not follow up on jobs delivered without appropriate service information.

NSDynamics is not responsible for any items/parcels until we have received and accepted them. In the unlikely event an item is suspected to have been damaged during transit on the way to us or any parts are missing we will contact the sender immediately.

Q. Can I drop my suspension off directly to your workshop?

A. You’re welcome to drop off your suspension with us anytime during our normal business hours as listed on Google, however, please ensure all suspension items/dropper posts are removed from your bike prior to drop-off as we do not work on complete bikes.

Walk-in jobs do not require an online booking form, however, we do encourage you to fill out an online form to ensure all details are covered.
If you are unable to remove your suspension from your bike yourself you may be able to book your bike in with 'For The Riders' bike shop (located at the same address) for a removal.

Please call For The Riders workshop to check availability on bookings ahead of time - we are separate businesses and work on different schedules.

Q. Do you accept international service work or send products internationally?

A. We are able to send select products internationally, and can accept and return international service jobs. Products may only be sent internationally if the original manufacturer allows for it, but many brands/manufacturers have their own distributors/dealers within different regions so we always suggest contacting your nearest distributor/dealer first.

Similarly, for international service jobs most brands/manufacturers will have service centres within your region who should be able to help out. If you are in a region without a service centre for your suspension you’re welcome to enquire about sending your suspension to us.

Free return freight on standard services is not included for international parcels and pricing will vary depending on your location.

Q. What are my payment options?

A. We currently accept payments both in store and over the phone via Mastercard or Visa. You may also pay via direct deposit/bank transfer.

Service/sales jobs will not be dispatched until payment has been processed in full. For Direct Deposit/Bank Transfer’s we require you to send remittance/proof of payment to info@nsdynamics.com.au if you would like goods to be dispatched immediately. Instructions for this are included on all of our invoices.

Q. How do I submit a warranty claim?

A. At NSDynamics we can process warranty claims for Ohlin’s, Cane Creek, DVO and BikeYoke (dropper posts only) products. All other brands of suspension must go back to their relevant warranty centres in Australia. NSDynamics is not the manufacturer for any of these brands and all service/warranty work completed in our workshop is done so following the policies and procedures as laid out by the original manufacturer.

NS Dynamics cannot provide refunds, credits, or exchanges for items assessed under warranty unless the item was bought directly from NS Dynamics. If you are unhappy with your product and would like to pursue a refund, credit, or exchange you will need follow the original line of sale and return to the vendor you purchased the product from.

Warranty information for each of our brands can be found at the following links:

Ohlins - https://www.ohlins.com/support/manuals/mtb-manuals/owners-manuals/ (Select MTB > Owners Manuals)

Cane Creek - https://canecreek.com/warranty-information/

DVO - http://tech.dvosuspension.com/setup/owners-manuals/

BikeYoke - https://www.bikeyoke.de/en/info/faq.html and https://www.bikeyoke.de/en/info/conditions-of-use.html

If you have an item you believe is eligible for warranty please follow our ‘Book Service’ link and under the ‘Service Type’ dropdown menu select ‘Warranty Assessment’. Please provide all relevant information in the ‘Notes’ section of the booking form so we can easily identify and attend to the issue present. A physical copy of a Proof of Purchase receipt (PoP) showing date of purchase must be included with all warranty claims. Without this information we cannot submit a warranty claim to the manufacturer. Any warranty claims that arrive without a PoP will not be attended to until a PoP is provided - there are no exceptions to this.

If you are unsure whether or not your product is eligible for warranty please contact us at info@nsdynamics.com.au

NSDynamics offers a 3 Month Workmanship Guarantee on standard servicing. This is assessed case by case and does not apply to items which have been improperly used or maintained since being with NSDynamics. Eligibility for this warranty cannot be guaranteed until we have received and assessed the item in our workshop. If you believe your suspension is eligible for this warranty please follow the same instructions as detailed above but instead book the job in under ‘NSD 3 Month Workmanship Guarantee’.

Q. Which providers do you use for return freight?

A. For all interstate parcels we use Australia Post. Larger items like forks are sent via express freight eParcel/Parcel Send and smaller items like shocks are sent in prepaid AusPost express bags. For business addresses within 2hrs of us we can also use Couriers Please. All jobs/sales items are sent via express freight.

Q. What is your returns/refunds policy?

A. Please see our 'Terms and Conditions' page for our complete returns/refunds policy.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located at 316 Ipswich Rd, Annerley, QLD 4103. We share a roof with For The Riders bike shop. On-site parking can be accessed via St Kilda Place (left off Ipswich Rd outbound).

Q. How do I contact NSDynamics if my question isn't answered here?

A. NSDynamics handles all general and sales enquiries via email. Please contact us with all relevant information and details via our 'Contact Us' page, or send us an email at info@nsdynamics.com.au

Q. How can I find out the specifications of my suspension?

A. Many manufacturers list the exact specifications of their products on their websites. If the manufacturer does not list detailed specifications you may contact them (or your local dealer of that brand) directly. You may also be able to utilise our 'FAQ's', 'Our Brands', and 'Tech Support' pages to determine the specification/model of your product or desired product.