B2B Sign Up

If you are a Bike Shop/Wholesaler and would like to gain access to wholesale/trade pricing on products listed on our online store please follow the steps outlined below:

 * Wholesale/B2B access will only be granted to genuine wholesalers/dealers who have completed the steps below in full. Accounts will not be granted wholesale/B2B access until full delivery address and contact details are provided.


1. Create an account by clicking this text. This should be created under the Bike Shop/Wholesalers name with an appropriate email and password that all staff have access to.

2. After you have created your account you will receive an email to the allocated email address confirming the account creation. Once you have received this email please visit your Account by clicking this text.

3. Once you are on the My Account page, click the View Addresses link on the righthand side of the page or click this text.

4. Click the Add New Address button and fill out the address form in full before saving the form. The address provided on this form will be used for all B2B orders made via our website.

5. Once you have updated your delivery address and contact details please email us at info@nsdynamics.com.au to let us know you have created an account and wish to be granted B2B access. In this email you will need to provide your shop name (not personal name), email address the account was created under, and your ABN. 

This email should be formatted as below - please do not include any other information or queries:

"I have just created an account and wish to be granted B2B access."
Shop/Trading Name:
B2B Account Email Address:

6. Once you have emailed us with these details we will assess your B2B account submission and, if successful, will grant access as soon as possible. This is processed manually (only within business hours) and may take 24-48hrs, however, will often be completed within the same business day. 

Incomplete B2B account submissions made without all details requested above will not be processed until full details are provided by the customer. NSDynamics is not responsible for any delays caused by this.