Ohlins TTX1 Air

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* Please select the shock you would like to purchase and specify the shock stroke length you require in the 'Instructions to Seller' section at the bottom of the Shopping Cart page. If shock stroke length is not specified the shock will be sent in its original factory configuration.

* Shock does not include mounting hardware - please purchase mounting hardware separately ‘here’ and specify required size upon checkout

The TTX1 Air is Ohlins slimmer and slightly lighter trail/enduro air shock offering. With a lower volume single air can the TTX1 Air is built to suit frames with a more linear suspension curve. It also takes on a smaller form factor to the larger TTX2 which allows for fitment on frames with limited clearance without sacrificing performance and reliability. If you're having trouble finding an upgrade shock to fit your frame, or need an air shock that doesn't come with as much progressiveness as a standard air shock, the TTX1 Air is likely your best bet! 


  • TTX highly adjustable compression valve technology
  • Single can air design optimised for frames with limited clearance and a linear suspension curve
  • Adjustable HSC (High-Speed Compression), LSC (Low-Speed Compression) and Rebound damping
  • Climb mode
  • Race proven setting bank, to suit any type of riding or linkage design
  • Air spring volume spacers included as standard in the shock kit
  • Available in standard Metric lengths (including Trunnion)
  • Maximum air pressure up to 300 PSI
  • 390 grams (190x45mm)
  • Interchangeable between stroke lengths with supplied spacers

* If you are unsure about shock size, hardware size, or function of adjustments please see out Tech Support page ‘here

* While we can assist with shock sizing, NSDynamics does not have detailed specifications from all frame manufacturers and is not responsible for final choice of shock size/stroke, and cannot guarantee returns/refunds on any used or accidentally purchased items

* Mounting hardware must be purchased separately if you do not intend to reuse the hardware and DU bushes from an existing shock. If you do not purchase mounting hardware it will not be supplied with the damper

* If mounting hardware is not purchased, any DU bushes supplied are simply provided as standard by the manufacturer, but may/may not be compatible with your existing mounting hardware due to spacing differences