DVO Diamond D2 / Beryl

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* Please specify the travel length you would like your fork configured to in the 'Instructions to Seller' section shown at the bottom of the Shopping Cart page. If fork travel length is not specified the fork will be sent in its original factory configuration. 

The DVO Diamond D2/Beryl fork in our opinion represents the best value for your money of any fork on the market today.

The Diamond D2/Beryl shares the same chassis as its bigger brother the Diamond D1 along with many of its other features, but DVO have simplified all of it to offer a high performing fork at a lower price point that you can set and forget. The Diamond D2 still has DVO’s proprietary OTT or ‘Off The Top’ adjustment, but instead it is adjusted internally with 3 different settings available. This lets the rider fine tune how the initial stroke/breakaway of the fork feels by compressing the coil negative spring to your liking, all without compromising mid/end stroke support. The Diamond D2 damper also offers 4 clicks of low speed compression adjustment, internal high speed compression adjustment, and fully external rebound adjustment. 


  • D2 Damper
  • High air volume for better traction and suppleness
  • 35mm Stanchions
  • Optimised for 140-170mm travel, adjustable in 10mm increments (internally)
  • OTT (Off The Top) Neg Coil Spring Adjust (internally)
  • Shim stack controlled damping


  • Internal High Speed Compression Adjust
  • External Low Speed Compression Adjust
  • External Low Speed Rebound Adjust
  • OTT (Off The Top) Neg Coil Spring Adjust (internally)

* If you are unsure about travel length, fork offset, or function of adjustments please see out Tech Support page ‘here