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Looking to swap your Secus to a different fork? Get yourself a different fitment kit here. Kits include a footstud plus any other necessary fitment components unless otherwise specified.

Rockshox A3 Footstud
Please note that the Rockshox A3 fitment kit replaces the old Rockshox A1 and A2 kits. It fits all the same forks as the A1 kit, plus more. Rockshox A3 Adaptor only is available for use with a Rockshox A2 kit on newer Rockshox forks with Buttercups.

BIP (B1/B2) Sealhead
If you have a Debonair C1 air spring for Lyrik/Pike,  a replacement 35mm Debonair B1-style sealhead is now available. The C1 sealhead effectively shortens the air shaft and reduces/eliminates the pneumatic topout control present in the B1/B2 air shaft assemblies. While the Secus can be physically attached to a C1 Debonair air shaft assembly, it will reduce your travel and may top out noticeably loudly. We strongly recommend replacing the C1 sealhead with a B1 sealhead.

Fox A1 Footstud
For Fox 36 and 40.

Fox A2 Footstud
For Fox 38.

Fox A3 Footstud Kit

Fox A3 kit is the same footstud as the Fox A1 kit but includes a replacement air piston for the Fox 40. The Piston is also available separately where necessary.

Installation tool - TLAP40
For the Fox 40 air piston (A3 kit) are available and are sold separately. 

Secus Seal Kit
Servicing your fork? We recommend servicing your Secus too. This kit comes with all o-rings necessary to perform a service on your Secus, and more.

Secus Footnut
Self explanatory.

* NSDynamics does not sell oil/grease to be sent via freight, these products can only be purchased in store