Vorsprung Secus Air Upgrade Kit

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* $550 for part alone, or $750 including a full Hyperformance Service and installation (Please see ‘Performance Upgrades’ page)

The Vorsprung Secus air spring is the first air-sprung fork system that will give you a feeling truly comparable to that of a coil fork. Coil-sprung suspension has provided the benchmark for performance over recent years, but with the Secus you're able to match that performance without the added weight of a coil spring, and even maintain some of the positive characteristics expected from air suspension. The first 2/3rds of your travel will be supple, compliant, and linear, just like a coil fork, however, in that final third of the travel (where you need that added bit of security) you'll benefit from some natural progression that we expect from an air spring system. The end result is a system that will handle just about anything you can throw at it in the most controlled manner possible.


  • An enlarged negative air spring chamber delivers a soft, supple initial stroke for ultimate small bump compliance (yes, even compared to the Luftkappe)
  • Proprietary Midstroke Support Valve improves predictability and support beyond the sag point
  • Reduced lower leg pneumatic ramp means better scalability of the air spring, particularly for light riders who previously struggled to use full travel
  • Plush and predictable like a coil, bottomless like an air spring
  • Allows full use of travel in both directions - fully extends to topout without any quibbles (including on Debonair B1 air springs) and fully compresses without excessive ramp
  • Allows more lower leg bath oil to be used for superior lubrication
  • Considerably lighter than coil conversions - adds approximately 130g
  • Simple setup - inflate fork, bounce on it a few times, press MSV charge button, go ride
  • Compatible with OEM volume spacers for end-stroke progression adjustment
  • Compatible with other aftermarket top-cap systems such as DSD Runt and MRP Ramp Control
  • Lower compression ratios mean a more consistent spring rate
  • Transferrable between any Secus-compatible forks with only a footstud to change at most

For more information and a complete list of compatibility options please visit the 'Vorsprung Secus' product page on the Vorsprung website and scroll down to the bottom of the article.

* NSDynamics does not sell tooling associated with Vorsprung products

* NSDynamics does not sell oil/grease to be sent via freight, these products can only be purchased in store

* While we can assist with Secus choice, NSDynamics does not have detailed specifications from all suspension manufacturers and is not responsible for final choice of Secus, and cannot guarantee returns/refunds on any used or accidentally purchased items