Cane Creek Tigon Coil

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* Please select the shock you would like to purchase and specify the shock stroke length you require in the 'Instructions to Seller' section at the bottom of the Shopping Cart page. If shock stroke length is not specified the shock will be sent in its original factory configuration.

* Shock does not include mounting hardware or spring - please purchase mounting hardware separately 'here', springs 'here', and specify required sizes upon checkout

Meet the latest and greatest offering from Cane Creek. The Tigon presents a revolutionary DB Twin Tube shock, seamlessly melding the small bump compliance of a coil shock with the adaptable reinforcement achievable with an air spring.

Tigon provides the ground-tracking and gripped up feeling of a coil shock, yet, thanks to Cane Creeks innovative patent-pending RAMP Tube Technology, it also furnishes the crucial mid-stroke and bottom-out support commonly sought in an air shock. Both these advantages are now embodied in a completely redesigned configuration that better endures lateral forces and stresses, safeguarding against the detrimental effects typically inflicted on traditional coil shocks.

Tigon’s RAMP Tube, a compact air spring, collaborates with its primary coil spring to regulate the shock's progression. With this enhancement, riders continue to rely on the main coil for supporting their body weight and establishing sag, but they can effortlessly incorporate up to 35% more progression compared to a conventional coil shock. These adjustments are conveniently executed using a basic shock pump.

Seeking sensitivity and grip? Tigon delivers. In need of additional support? Simply introduce air!


  • Coil sensitivity complemented by air support
  • The primary coil spring endows Tigon with exceptional grip and ground-tracking sensitivity
  • RAMP Tube Technology enables riders to introduce 20-35% more progression than standard coil shocks (max 30psi)
  • Substantially enhanced durability due to the reinforcement provided by the RAMP Tube and a 12.7mm (1/2") damper tube
  • +/- 438g* (210g without spring, varies by size)
  • Meticulously crafted by riders in Western North Carolina
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty
  • Available in 185mm/205mm Trunnion sizes, and 210mm/230mm Metric sizes


    • External High Speed Compression Adjust
    • External Low Speed Compression Adjust
    • External Low Speed Rebound Adjust
    • 2 Position Climb Switch
    • Spring Preload
    • RAMP Tube Air Pressure Adjust (20-35% progression through up to 30psi)


    * If you are unsure about shock size, hardware size, spring rates, or function of adjustments please see out Tech Support page 'here'

    * While we can assist with shock sizing, NSDynamics does not have detailed specifications from all frame manufacturers and is not responsible for final choice of shock size/stroke, and cannot guarantee returns/refunds on any used or accidentally purchased items

    * Mounting hardware must be purchased separately if you do not intend to reuse the hardware and DU bushes from an existing shock. If you do not purchase mounting hardware it will not be supplied with the damper

    * If mounting hardware is not purchased, any DU bushes supplied are simply provided as standard by the manufacturer, but may/may not be compatible with your existing mounting hardware due to spacing differences