Vorsprung Smashpot Spare Parts

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Top Caps & Foot Studs 

Swapping your Smashpot to another fork model? You'll need the right top cap for that fork.

If you're changing between fork brands, you'll also need the appropriate foot stud. See this checklist: https://www.vorsprungsuspension.com/blogs/news/transfer-your-smashpot-to-another-fork-parts-required

Make sure to consult the installation manual for the fork you're installing it in - the process varies slightly between forks.

Cartridge Tube Heat Shrink  
Required for changing travel of the Smashpot kit.

Travel Adjust kit 
Includes top-out 10mm travel spacers (x5) and spring travel spacers  (2x 2mm, 1x 10mm, 2x 20mm black acetal spacers) required for changing travel if you do not have the original parts.

Hydraulic Bottom Out Adjuster Knob Only
Lost your HBO dial? This is just that piece.

Coil Spring Spare Heat Shrink
Use this to freshen up the heat shrink on your coil spring.

Spring Isolator Kit - Universal
This 2-piece isolator system helps keep your spring quiet and your stanchions protected internally. Included in all Smashpot springs (and complete kits) as of December 2022, and is retrofittable to older kits. Can be used in all forks instead of the older style spring perch. Replaces the PVC liner previously used in the Rockshox Zeb and Fox 38 kits. Refer to the installation manual for more details.

* NSDynamics does not sell oil/grease to be sent via freight, these products can only be purchased in store