Ohlins TTX22 Coil

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The TTX22 Coil is Ohlins top of the line coil shock offering. Built to eat up the world's most challenging world cup downhill courses, it’s prepared to offer all the performance you’ll ever need, and you’ll still have a climb switch for those uphill grinds. The twin tube design allows the gas pressure to always backup the low-pressure side of the piston to keep pressure at a controlled level. This ensures consistent damping performance on all types of terrain and improves damping response to give outstanding control of the bike and tire movements. The TTX22 Coil offers externally adjustable low speed compression and rebound adjust, high speed compression adjust, and a climb switch. If you’re chasing a super reliable, super plush ride for your trail/enduro/downhill rig the TTX22 Coil is as good as it gets.


  • TTX damper technology
  • Specifically designed for the enduro/gravity segment
  • Nitrogen pressurized bladder reservoir system
  • Weights from 423 grams to 454 grams (excluding spring)
  • Spring weight has been reduced
  • Easy to set up with enough adjustment range to suit different riding conditions


  • External 3 level high-speed compression adjustment
  • External 16 click low-speed compression adjustment rebound damping adjustment
  • External 7 click rebound adjustment

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