Racing Brothers Low Friction Lycan Seals

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Racing Brothers seals are what we use on most suspension models for our Hyperformance Service. Manufactured using high quality materials and rigorously tested, they offer unrivalled low friction performance and are our pick of choice if you’re wanting to squeeze every little bit of extra performance you can from your suspension. 

All dust/oil wiper seals sold are flangeless models which may require a seal driver tool for easy installation.

32mm RS-1 seals will suit Rockshox RS-1 forks, and all 32mm Boost spacing Rockshox forks from 2021 model year onwards.

Racing Brothers dust/oil seals are not compatible with any DVO fork models.

* Available as dust/oil seal kits only (including crush washers where applicable), and air can service kits. Damper kits not available for forks or shocks.

* NSDynamics does not sell oil/grease to be sent via freight, these products can only be purchased in store

* While we can assist with seal kit choice, NSDynamics does not have detailed specifications from all suspension manufacturers and is not responsible for final choice of seal kit, and cannot guarantee returns/refunds on any used or accidentally purchased items