Sprindex Adjustable Rate Lightweight Coil Spring

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* Find your spring rate using the TF Tuned spring calculator ‘here

The performance of your shock is directly related to the quality of your spring. Sprindex springs stand out amongst the competition by offering their proprietary on-the-fly adjustable design. With an inbuilt adjustable wedge which, when rotated, will alter your spring rate in 5lb increments, you can fine tune your ride for any terrain in seconds. Similar to other springs on the market, Sprindex springs have been optimised and constructed out of high quality steel. This allows for the same performance and durability you’d expect from a standard steel spring whilst using less material, and as a result, Sprindex have achieved a lighter weight final product. 

* For a full list of compatible shocks please see ‘here

 * Sprindex springs will fit most Cane Creek, Ohlins, and DVO Coil Shocks, as well as Fox, Rockshox, Manitou, Marzocchi, XFusion, ELKA/MRP, BOS, and DSP. Sprindex springs come with adapters to suit each of these brands.

* If you are unsure about spring size or spring rates please see out Tech Support page ‘here

* While we can assist with spring choice, NSDynamics does not have detailed specifications from all frame manufacturers and is not responsible for final choice of spring size/stroke, and cannot guarantee returns/refunds on any used or accidentally purchased items

* Springs may not be purchased for 'testing purposes' and returned in exchange for an alternative spring if found to be unsuited to the riders weight. Final spring choice is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and returns/exchanges of this nature may not be accepted.