Steerer Tube Cut & Star Nut Installation

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If you would like your steerer tube cut to size and a star nut installed with your new fork purchase, please add this service to your Shopping Cart.

Please specify your desired steerer tube length in the 'Instructions to Seller' section found at the bottom of the page when viewing your Shopping Cart. 

(See images for basic steps)

Additional points to consider when measuring your steerer tube:

  • Head tube length of current/future frames
  • Headset stack height (not all headsets are the same height)
  • Steerer tube spacers stack height (how many spacers do you intend to run below/above your stem)
  • Current/future stem height

Click here for an in-depth steerer tube measurement guide

Cutting of the steerer tube cannot be reversed, the steerer tube cannot be lengthened, and replacement of a standalone steerer tube is not possible. A complete crown-steerer unit (CSU) is the only way to replace a steerer tube that has been cut too short. Please ensure the final measurement you provide is accurate.

* NSDynamics is not responsible for final choice of steerer tube length. 

If you have any further questions feel free to Contact Us.