Cane Creek HELM MKII Air

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* Please specify the travel length you would like your fork configured to in the 'Instructions to Seller' section shown at the bottom of the Shopping Cart page. If fork travel length is not specified the fork will be sent in its original factory configuration. 

The HELM MKII Air is the second generation HELM fork from Cane Creek’s range. It includes all the same features from the original HELM Air, including tokenless air volume adjustment, independent adjustable positive/negative air chambers, and simple at-home travel adjustment, but brings with it a few new performance improvements. 

The air spring has been redesigned with a revised air piston aimed at reducing friction, a threadless seal head design for easier at-home travel changes, and a larger air volume for improved small bump compliance. The damper boasts a new compression and mid-valve circuit for improved support, and revised internals to further reduce friction and improve small bump compliance. The HELM MKII comes with SKF wiper seals as standard, normally only found as an aftermarket option these provide the best low-friction experience and further optimise the fork for absolute suppleness and performance.


  • New compression and midvalve circuit for increased support and control
  • New SKF low friction oil seal head cartridge
  • High performance damper oil from Motorex
  • New SKF low friction wiper seals installed in the castings
  • Increased air volume for better traction and suppleness
  • New air piston for reduced friction
  • New threadless air seal head for easier travel change
  • 35mm Stanchions
  • Optimised for 130-160mm travel, adjustable in 10mm increments (internally)


  • Independent Positive and Negative Air Spring Rate/Pressure
  • External High Speed Compression Adjust
  • External Low Speed Compression Adjust
  • External Low Speed Rebound Adjust

The HELM MKII is available in 29/27.5+ and 27.5 wheel sizes with both air and coil sprung versions available. The 29/27.5+ version of the fork is available in 51mm and 44mm offset and is adjustable from 130mm to 160mm of travel while the 27.5 fork is available in 44mm offset only and is adjustable from 130mm to 170mm of travel.

29/27.5+ models of the fork will come in a gloss black finish with matte black stickers and the 27.5 model will come in a matte black finish with gloss black stickers.

* If you are unsure about travel length, fork offset, or function of adjustments please see out Tech Support page 'here'